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Statement by the Press Secretary on the Saudi-Led Coalition Expanding Humanitarian Efforts in Yemen

Statement by the Press Secretary on the Saudi-Led Coalition Expanding Humanitarian Efforts in Yemen

The United States welcomes the Saudi-led coalition’s efforts to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.  The coalition released a humanitarian operations plan on January 22, 2018, and as part of that plan, it has agreed to transfer $930 million to United Nations agencies in support of the 2018 Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan by March 31.  Four World Food Programme (WFP) mobile cranes funded by the United States have now begun offloading supplies at Yemen’s Hudaydah port.  We appreciate the coalition’s willingness to contribute to Yemen’s reconstruction, including investment in key ports and transportation infrastructure, and to work with the United Nations, WFP, and NGOs to meet the needs of millions of desperate Yemeni people.  The United States stands ready to assist Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in accomplishing critical objectives, including expanding access to food and medicine for Yemenis suffering after nearly four years of civil war, and reiterates the continuing necessity for unfettered access for delivering humanitarian and commercial goods through all ports of entry.  We urge the Houthis to work with the international community to ensure all essential supplies reach the millions in predominately Houthi-controlled areas who are in greatest need.  Alleviating the these vital humanitarian needs and legitimate security concerns of countries in the region depends on a political settlement to the conflict, and therefore the United States applauds the recent public commitments of several important parties to the conflict to renew diplomatic efforts and stands ready to support U.N.-led efforts to achieve peace.

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