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White House Drug Policy Office Releases Commission Report Reaction Documents

White House Drug Policy Office Releases Commission Report Reaction Documents | The White House

Today, the Office of National Drug Control Policy released the Trump Administration’s reaction to the Final Report of the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis and a summary of major actions taken by the Administration this year.

President Donald Trump has directed his Administration to focus on developing solutions and to helping individuals, families, and communities cope with the opioids national public health emergency.

The Federal Government has already taken several actions in response to the opioid crisis:

The Department of Health and Human Services issued new guidance about how to notify loved ones and family members when a patient overdoses, while still complying with Federal privacy laws.

  • The Food and Drug Administration approved a new, 30-day injectable treatment for addiction, which has strong potential to reduce relapse.
  • In October, the Department of Justice announced the first ever indictments against two Chinese manufacturers of deadly, illicit fentanyl and other opiate substances.

In addition to these actions, other efforts already taken by the Trump Administration are outlined here.

We commend the Commission on their diligent work on this report.  The Trump Administration will continue to focus its resources to prevent new addictions from developing, and help those already suffering to recover from addiction.  Much work needs to be done to combat the opioid crisis, and President Trump will continue to work with local communities afflicted by this crisis and make this national public health emergency a top priority.

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