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Remarks by President Trump in a Meeting with Families of North Korean Abductees

Remarks by President Trump in a Meeting with Families of North Korean Abductees |

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Remarks by President Trump in a Meeting with Families of North Korean Abductees

Akasaka Palace

Tokyo, Japan

2:34 P.M. JST

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, thank you very much. We've just heard the very sad stories about family members -- daughters, wives, brothers, uncles, fathers. It's a very, very sad number of stories that we've heard. And they were abducted, in all cases, by North Korea. And we will work with Prime Minister Abe on trying to get them back to their loved ones.

In some cases, many years ago, they were taken. They were used to learn the language. They were used for many different reasons. But it's a tremendous disgrace. And I just met some really wonderful people who have gone through a lot.

So I will work with Prime Minister Abe. We'll work together very closely and see if we can bring them back to Japan, where they want to be. Thank you very much.

PRIME MINISTER ABE: (As interpreted.) President Trump, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for what you delivered -- this speech at the U.N. General Assembly. The speech by the American President on the occasion of the U.N. General Assembly is something that the entire world would pay attention to.

And in this special speech that you delivered, you specifically touched on the fate of Ms. Megumi Yokota, as well as the abductions issue. And I do appreciate that -- how you specifically refer to this issue.

And also I am grateful for you, that you are taking time out of your schedule to have this discussion with the family members, as well as one of the abductees who could come back from North Korea to Japan.

And my sincere hope is that, through this event, as well as the press conference, I would like to encourage the entire world to know the simple reality when it comes to the abductions issue. As long as 40 years, there are those who have been suffering because of the loss of their loved ones as well as the family members. And this is the suffering that has caused in the abductions issue.

So I renew my determination to do my utmost to realize a day when those of the family members could hold their daughters and sons and their family members with their actual arms. And also, I'd like to reiterate my commitment to working very closely with President Trump and other world leaders toward resolving this abductions issue.

So once again, Mr. President and Madam First Lady, thank you very much.


2:39 P.M. JST

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