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Readout of Second Lady Karen Pence’s Visit to Tbilisi, Georgia

Readout of Second Lady Karen Pence’s Visit to Tbilisi, Georgia |

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Readout of Second Lady Karen Pence’s Visit to Tbilisi, Georgia

Second Lady Karen Pence started her day with the Vice President where they participated in a meet-and-greet with U.S. embassy employees and their families. Mrs. Pence continued her day to the National Parliamentary Library where she joined art therapists and patients from Kamara, a pscho-social rehabilitation center and leading provider of art therapy in Georgia. The Second Lady observed the patient’s art therapy work before participating in a roundtable discussion with Kamara co-founders and art therapists, Natia Panjikidze and Nino Komakhidze, and art therapist Salome Panjikidze. After the art therapy program visit, the Second Lady enjoyed lunch at the Vinotel Restaurant with United States Marines who represented both the Marine Security Guard Detachment and Marines from the Georgia Deployment Program. After lunch, Mrs. Pence met with Georgian artist, Olesya Tavadze, who works in easel paintings and graphics. Mrs. Tavadze is passionate about American literature, in particular Robert Frost. Mrs. Pence viewed Mrs. Tavadze’s exhibit of paintings inspired by Robert Frost’s poems at the Tbilisi History Museum Karvasla. Following the museum visit, Mrs. Pence joined the Vice President to tour the Sioni Cathedral of the Dormition. After the tour, Mrs. Pence listened to the Vice President deliver remarks to U.S. and Georgian Noble Partner Participants at the Tbilisi Airport before departing to Podgorica, Montenegro.

“Art therapy is an emerging profession in Georgia with only a few professionally trained art therapists in the country,” said Second Lady Karen Pence. “I will cherish my opportunity to meet with the leading art therapists in Georgia who are breaking new ground in the country by offering art therapy as an option for therapeutic treatment. They are doing great work and making a positive difference in Georgia.”

Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 2nd, Mrs. Pence will wrap up her Eastern Europe visit with activities in Podgorica, Montenegro. To stay updated on Mrs. Pence’s events, follow her on Twitter at, @SecondLady.

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