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The Government Says
Unofficial blog of briefings from the Whitehouse. Based on

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Whitehouse Press Briefings with alerts and comments - for you to read and respond to what the Press Secretary actually says, rather than what they were reported as saying.

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About "The Whitehouse Says"

"The Whitehouse Says".com make news releases from the Whitehosue easy to find and easy to scan through quickly. It does this in order to help you, keep your finger on the pulse of what the Whitehouse is saying it's up to. Without having to try to hard, and without having to rely on journalists telling you what matters.

The idea is based on the UK's Downing Street Says.


Much of the news and information covered by The Whitehouse Says is "out there" and being discussed. But it is normally discussed without any reference to the original announcement, the result being that the media gets to say what a Whitehouse announcement really 'means'.

It's based on the UK website The Government

And in the words of The Observer newspaper in the UK is "Great for sifting through the rubble on days when bad news is likely to be buried".

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